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Plantilla Artistas

Moral Distraída


Pascuala Ilabaca is one of the leading exponents of the new prolific scene of young Chilean singer-songwriters. Her music is rooted in traditional sounds but has the ability to incorporate shades from jazz, pop and rock, and influences gathered throughout her life in such distant places as India or Mexico. On stage, she has a strong scenic presence, almost always armed with her accordion; and her voice has the power to sweeten the rhythms and melodies of the band that accompanies her: Fauna.

Actual Residence: Valparaíso, Chile

Band members: 5

International Tours: 12th tours in Europe since 2011, Indian Tour 2010, Latinamerican Tour 2016.

Main Festivals: Festival de Huaso de Olmué 2010 (Chile), FIL Guadalajara 2011 (México), Barnasants Festival Barcelona 2012 & 2014 (Spain), TFF Rudolstadt 2012 (Germany), Festival Desfolca´t 2012 (Spain), Festival Feito a Man 2012 (Spain), Lollapalooza 2013 (Chile), Music & Politics Festival Berlín 2013 (Germany), Festival Pirineos Sur 2014 (Spain), Fusion Festival 2014 (Germany), London Jazz Festival 2014 (UK), Shambala Festival 2014 (UK), Circulart Medellín 2015 (Colombia), La Mar de Músicas Cartagena 2015 (Spain), Festival Les Escales 2015 (France), Womad 2015 (UK), BAFIM Buenos Aires 2015 (Argentina), Festival rasileiro de Música de Rua Caxias Do Sul 2016 (Brasil), Selvámonos Oxapampa 2016 (Perú). 

Awards & Nominations: Songlines Music Awards "Best Artist Nominee" 2016 (UK), Premios Pulsar "Best Songwritter Award" 2016 (Chile), Independent Music Award "Best World Beat Album" 2013, Festival Huaso de Olmué "First award in festival competition" and "Best videoclip audience award for Lamenta la Canela" 2010 (Chile)




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